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Westboro Baptist Church in Park Slope

Even though this blog is supposed to document the experience of drinking PBR for year, I could not forgo this following story.

Over the weekend the Westboro Baptist Church, the far right-wing institution out of Topeka, Kansas known for their extreme views that are often expressed through their colorful signs fresh out of Kinko’s, have visited Park Slope to voice their intolerance for the diverse state of the Brooklyn community.

Nevertheless, many of Brooklyniates have showed up with their own signs, which were nothing short of clever. Check them out.

The credit for the pictures goes to “Fucked in Park Slope”, one of the blogs I follow.  You can check out the whole story and more pictures on their site. Just follow the link:


dog loves fags (source: FIPS)

dog loves fags (source: FIPS)

jesushad2dads (source: FIPS)

jesushad2dads (source: FIPS)

Not from Brooklyn, but worth posting

Eloquently put (not from Brooklyn)


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