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Frigid at “The Beach”

At 10am in a negative 5 degree cold, David and I were enjoying our first ice-cold PBRs of the day.  After much of my personal anticipation, we were finally at the “beach”, also known as the A-Basin’s parking lot famous for BBQing and its vibrant scene. This morning the scene wasn’t so lively due to the frigid morning temperatures. Just to give you an idea of how cold, the beer backwash that sometimes settles right next to the can opening was freezing within one minute’s time.

Pabst makes appearance at the Beach

Snowboarding was not as pleasant as I expected. The weather was so frigid that every time we rode down the mountain, our faces were battered with the arctic air. Continue reading


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A-Basin Opens Today

Those are the days that make me miss Colorado. Granted Loveland beat all the records and opened this past Wednesday, I have spent way too much time on the Basin not to be completely loyal to it. On that note, I do plan on getting up there this year and look forward to drinking some PBRs on the Beach.

First Chair (source: Flickr)

First Chair (source: Flickr)

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