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The Unexpected

When I was going through pros and cons of the PBR experiment exactly one year ago, one of the things I thought I would surely miss  was all the free adult beverages that would come at the corporate happy hours. However, something quite unbelievable has happened this past Friday. It was not the fact that everyone at the firm had an effective day off, nor it was the fact that the guest speaker that the management has been so secretive about was not so humble Olympic speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno.

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How to Decide

As I was listening to one of my favorite radio shows on NPR called ‘Radiolab’, I got an idea for the post. Generally, the show can be classified as a popular science program that frequently addresses human biology and existence. This particular show called “Choices” was exploring the power of human brain in the context of its ability to make decisions. Basically, the main thesis of the program was as follows: once the brain reaches its capacity to take in variables, the emotional side or as some people call it “gut feeling” of the brain kicks in. For example, have you ever gone to the grocery store and over-analyzed what type of cereal to buy or have you ever spend an hour of your day trying to figure out which restaurant to make reservations to for the Saturday night? It happens to me multiple times per day which often leads to further complexity that I have ever wanted to take upon myself and days stressing about how to and where to relax.


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Ironically Hip Assets and Liabilities of Pabst Brewing Co. sold for $250M

Exhibit I: PP&E

According to several interweb publications, Pabst has been sold for $250 million. Experts agree, majority of the value is attributed to “post-bohemian hipsterness” premium.

Read details for yourself:

The Consumerist

A.V. Club

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Patterns have become more vivid and apparent over the past few weeks. On another note, the high glamorous life of New York City seen on the latest episode of “Gossip Girls” has finally entered my life in an oddly organized manner.

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In Music

The Specials

Shows – was the theme of the week. The Thermals on 4/20 at Brooklyn Bowl, the Specials on 4/21 at Terminal 5, and to top things off – Holy Fuck at the Cake Shop on Friday (4/23) . I suppose when I moved to NYC, that is exactly what I was looking for culturally.  Even though overwhelming in more than one way, this has been a pretty incredible week. Continue reading

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We Are All Hipsters Now

Living in New York City, it is difficult not to be especially alert to different trends and subcultures. Based on personal experiences, I have put together a list of observations how indie has become the new mainstream.

Ever since that first Get Up Kids concert I saw at the Ogden Theater, the underground subculture has played an important part in my life outside of work or school. But over the years, those values have propelled themselves to the main way of the international pop culture.

1.Last August, Jay-Z & Beyonce made it out to see Grizzly Bear at the Williamsburg water front. Naturally, the mere fact that Jay-Z decided to go see an indie band at a free concert, does not signify the mainstream influence. But the fact that the beloved Jigga Man and his life partner Beyonce decided to see the relatively unknown Grizzly Bear, gave those acapella enthusiasts much national coverage, which probably played some part in the band’s music now being featured in a VW ad.

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Pabst Spinoff Rumor

PBR Line Up WP

Source: Wikipedia

The other day I ended visiting one of my favorites – The Crocodile Lounge (14th btwn 1st & 2nd) , a divy bar with it own pizzeria that gives you a free mini pizza for every purchased drink and has cans of Dale’s Pale Ale, straight out of Lyons, CO. Not consistent with  its diviness, this fine watering hole does not have PBR. But after speaking to the bartender, I was able to find out that actually one of the Pabst sales rep has come by last week and, as the result, The Crocodile Lounge could start serving “best beer for the buck” to complement the pizza in the near future.

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