What? Why? Who? PBR?


The idea for this blog came to me one night while hanging out in my old apartment in Hell’s Kitchen. Basically, one night I decided that I will give up all of the alcohol and only consume Pabst Blue Ribbon for a precisely one year. The experiment will go on for exactly one year, it will start on September 1st, 2009 and will last until September 1st, 2010.


I live in Park Slope which is one of neighborhoods in Brooklyn. I live pretty ordinary life, working a 9-5 and sometimes 9-9 financial services job in the city and take on different hobbies when I have time. Currently, I bike, play guitar, run, play soccer, and go to shows. I used to snowboard, hike, and camp when I used to live in CO.  So it is apparent, I like to try new things and therefore I decided to take on this endeavor.

Also, I am not a writer, nor I have any professional writing experience. The only writing experience I have had was writing a couple articles for a college newspaper. Thus, we shall see how it goes. I’ll give it my best shot in keeping it simple and entertaining.


Well because I am doing for the world peace… just kidding. In fact, I do not have too many altruistic aspirations in mind. Upon further review, it does appear that my motivations are completely selfish. I am doing it to see how this experience will shape my life and drinking routine for the next 365 days.

Furthermore, partially, my inspiration for this experiment comes from a relatively recent film called “Supersize Me”, where a fella named Morgan Spurlock decided to go on a McDonald’s only diet for a period of 30 days. Unlike, Morgan, I don’t have any plans to film myself or profiteer from this endeavor. My only goals for this whole thing is to see if I can do it, learn more about myself in the process, and be a part of some good stories I could tell friends and my future grandkids.

I hope to make at least one post every week for 52 weeks with something interesting that I have had an opportunity to experience.


It is cooler than all other shitty beers. It has some street cred. It is cheap.