The Unexpected

When I was going through pros and cons of the PBR experiment exactly one year ago, one of the things I thought I would surely miss  was all the free adult beverages that would come at the corporate happy hours. However, something quite unbelievable has happened this past Friday. It was not the fact that everyone at the firm had an effective day off, nor it was the fact that the guest speaker that the management has been so secretive about was not so humble Olympic speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno.

No it was the fact that at the post speech all hands company banquet the bottles of Pabst had been served among the likes of Bud Light and lower shelf wines. Perhaps somebody that makes catering decisions at the firm has been reading this blog or may be it is the fact that business executives have finally realized that value of the best beer for the buck.

Nonetheless, when I went to the bar to get myself a bottle of mineral water, and I saw the following picture, I couldn’t help but think of last Friday as one of the unexpected events in the life of this blog.

Open Bar at the Firm's Promotion Day Banquet


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