The Trip – Part I

I am finally back from the beer holiday just in time for the final stretch of the PBR experiment. And what a journey has it been. The first break from the PBR happened in Stockholm right after we accidentally missed our boat to Helsinki. The beer can looked the following and tasted nothing like Pabst. The best way I’d describe it is it tasted like a solid European lager. To be accurate, the trip was not a drinking adventure of any kind even though, it did turn into a few headaches on the morning after.

Triple Crown Swedish - first one of the PBR holiday

Let me backtrack… After a seven hour flight for me at least, we landed in Sweden. It was a beautiful morning, but none of us has fully realized just how expensive this northern city will turn out to be. The 20 minute ride on a luxurious express train from the airport to the center of the city has turned into a 35 dollar affair one way. That’s when all of us had fully appreciated why we planned to minimize our stay in Stockholm. We were set to catch our ship to Helsinki just few shorts hours after we landed in Scandinavia. However, prior to that we thought it would be a phenomenal idea to purchase beers for the trip, which we later learned was not so necessary. Finding a beer store proved to be more difficult than expected.

For one reason or another all of considered that getting to the boat by the departure time would be sufficient enough to board the ship. We learned our lesson quickly. After walking for about 4-5 kilometers carrying 20 kilogram
bags each, we got to the docks just in time to watch our ship sail away into the open sea.

Unfortunately, that day was not about to get any better. After hanging out at the ship terminal for a few in awe and frustration that we missed our ferry to Helsinki, we went on to search for a hostel. Luckily, we found one
– a boat turned hostel to be exact. Everything seemed quite fine in the evening hours we dropped our stuff. We did learn the downfall of the room we stayed in with 4 other people later that night. Due to the unprecedented temperatures that scorched Europe this July, the number of bodies in the small area, and most importantly, the simple lack of ventilation in the room, all of us were honored to experience the Swedish sauna free of charge. The next morning, to give you an idea, one could literally feel the moisture/the sweat that was soaked in by the hostel’s pillows.

no stockholm syndrome in this swedish sauna

The next day we made our ferry…



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