Patterns have become more vivid and apparent over the past few weeks. On another note, the high glamorous life of New York City seen on the latest episode of “Gossip Girls” has finally entered my life in an oddly organized manner.

As you might have read, last week the Bushwick Country Club with its golf course windmills has made a enough of a lasting impression to make it to the weekly post. This week the spotlight is on the new favorite weekend hangout – The Gowanus Yacht Club. The classy establishment of Caroll Gardens/Gowanus not only serves Pabst but also serves it to minor celebrities, such a Ben McKenzie of the OC, who is apparently a paying member. As you might have guessed by now, based on the name of this blog,  I have managed to find a PBR in two places that call themselves a country and a yacht club.

Fact of the Week: according to a friend of a friend, who is works for an ad agency that place ads on blogs, a blog needs at least 300 unique visits per day to be considered marketable.

p.s. Went to see a pretty great show at Brooklyn Academy of Music. The National played in support of their new album and had it live on YouTube, recording of which is now available for streaming.


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