Why PBR?

Over the past week, I have been asked several time why I chose PBR as my drink for the year. Back in August of last year, it was not a difficult decision. In fact, it was an instantaneous “PBR”. What else would I drink that would be as harsh as white-trash borderline en vouge cheap beer as PBR, which for better or worse it has become in the past several years. However, as I have progressed over this journey, I have asked myself what would if I chose any other beverage and what would it be.

PBR Glass

White Russians – ironic or not, this fine combination of vodka, coffee liqueur, and cream has been one of my favorite beverages of all time. And yes, it has as much of street cred. You drink white russians for a month and next time you friends are having a Christmas party, you show up in white robe that you “mistakenly” took from your last hotel visit.

Microbrews – having lived in Colorado for 10 years, where the microbrew culture holds a special place, I have come to miss many great beers such as Dale’s Pale Ale, Skinny Dip, Fat Tire. Brooklyn Brewery has been on my list of places to visit henceforth. However, the only time I have made my way to the kettles, I was forced to watch others drink.

Nevertheless, this post marks 8 months since I had a Belgian ale on August 31st, which according to my calculations, only leaves 4 months of the PBR experiment left to go, which leaves me plenty of time to dwell on what would be the first beverage I would sip on September 1st.


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