In the Numbers

Couple months ago I noticed that every time I purchase Pabst at the store I pay 60 cents deposit for the all twelve cans, which comes down to 5 cents per can.  5 cents is what the NY state law pays you back for returning/recycling a aluminum can or a bottle that the beverages are usually contained in. According to, there is 70.2% redemption rate and the unredeemed funds are re-distributed to the state general fund and the beer distributor in a 80%/20% proportion respectively.

As of last week, I have consumed 524 Pabst Blue Ribbon beers since September 1, 2009.  That is $26.20, or about 2 1/2 12-packs, or one Stanley 95-891 Heavy Duty Camp Light as per Amazon.

If I am to reach a 1000 beers, which is a secondary goal of this experiment, the savings shoot up to $50, which is close to what I have earned on my savings account in the past year.  To this date, I have yet to capitalize on savings, so it looks like the state and the beer distributor are counting their cash. Nonetheless, each and every beer consumed has been recycled.

Would like to double the payoff? Take your aluminum cans and glass bottles to Michigan for 10 cents a pop. Just don’t blow your margins on gasoline.


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