Towering Over East Side

Still living out the adventure of last week, I decided to take B-Side for yet another spin this past Friday night. What has made the occasion even more eventful was the PBR inspired construction job.

First of all and before anything else, let me announce my appreciation for sitting at the bar. Sitting at the bar not only allows you a convenient access to your drink of choice, but it also allows you to get to know the bar keep as well as the person you are attending that same bar with a lot better than if you were sitting at the table and had to yell in the direction of your companion just to find out what she or he has thought about this evening’s weather.

Nonetheless and back to the point, sitting at the bar is exactly what I did that night. As the evening went on, for one reason or another, all of the empty cans left over from consumptions of PBR all night started to accumulate in the area in front of me. Naturally, the instincts have kicked in and it was the time to build something out of those cans. Certainly, there is nothing more satisfying than stacking those cans one on top of another just because they tend to fit together like a good puzzle. Two, three, four – the tower of PBR was exploding up as the night transformed itself into the early hours of a Saturday morning.  Once the cans have gotten to five, the foundation was getting shaky. The stacking game was getting serious as the number of empty cans has been growing.

Finally after a number of tries, the work was completed. Seven cans tall, the tower of PBR has topped out on the bar surface of the B-Side. As the Dead Kennedy’s “Holiday in Cambodia” came on the jukebox,  it was time to leave. As I slowly slid from my seat and exited, the tower was still standing. I turned back and made an eye contact with the bar keep and his mustache who gave me an assuring nod implying that the tower of PBR will live at least until the end of this night.


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