Work has finally slowed down from 2am nights and long work weekends to very normal 6pm evenings. Naturally, starving to explore the city and re-focusing more on the hobbies, I could not wait, so this past week, I jumped on every opportunity to reclaim the life back.

For the past 7 month, no evening has gone  without searching for a destination that serves PBR. This past week was no different. Three bars, three nights, and all of them serve PBR. Reclaiming my life back began on Tuesday night, when I wandered down to Googie’s Lounge, a small concert venue, resembling your parents living room, to see Danielle Ate The Sandwich. Right after the show, I made my way down to Motor City, which is a Detroit themed bar that I have stopped by many times on the weekends, but this was the first weeknight that I have visited it. The place itself had a very “Social D” atmosphere to it. Actual car seat, road signs, Red Wings memorabilia, and of course the jukebox playing rockabillies all night. Most importantly, the experience of drinking there on a weeknight is entirely different than the weekend. Lounging around on the car seats and downing beers in a nearly empty bar is a great feeling to say the least.

If it was not for that next bar I have discovered this week, this post would have been entirely about the attractiveness of Motor City. However, this past Saturday night after seeing Girls (who put on a nearly seamless show) at Webster Hall, which I have decided is not one my favorites, I have made my way to a superior dive in the East Village call the B-Side.


The establishment is located in the hood on Ave. B between 12th and 13th, and in addition to serving best beer for the buck, B-Side’s playlist is equivalent to a Dead Kennedy’s Pandora station. This is one of the last punk rock bars left in the city according to one of the Yelp posts.

$3 bucks gets you a can of Pabst and for $2 more you get a shot of whiskey to go along with the beer. Nonetheless, the combination of the original punk rock on the jukebox, $3 Pabst, and a unpretentious crowd puts this place in my top 3 of the best NYC bars.


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