Brooklyn vs. Manhattan

The colossal question of which borough is the best is once again hitting the fingertips of the New York bloggers. The recent feature in Time Out New York publication juxtaposes the two epic cities/boroughs in the battle royale. To quickly preview, Brooklyn appears to dominate Manhattan in every category from the size of the population (Brooklyn has the same population as the entire state of Idaho) to the number of murders.

See the nicely collected set of statistics and analysis an investment banker can appreciate for yourself in the following link: Brooklyn v. Manhattan and more here.

As expected, the article does not specify the number of drinking establishments that serve PBR. However, from the personal experience this past weekend, it time to add Music Hall of Williamsburg (MHOW ) to the officially tally of places that embrace Pabst. In addition, to being an exceptional music venue, MHOW does not shy away from serving $4 12oz cans of the best beer for the buck. Just for the record, MHOW is in Brooklyn. It does indeed appear that Brooklyn is more Pabst friendly.


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