Six Months

Recently, I have been asked about the point of this PBR for the year experiment. Coincidentally, as I am approaching an important milestone of six months in, it is time re-evaluate, analyze, reflect, and to, certainly, renew my commitment to the cause of drinking Pabst. So here is the list of why I am still doing this thing:

1. As ridiculous as the idea of drinking only one alcoholic beverage for exactly one year is, it is still a social experiment in minimalism and discipline.

2. PBR takes me places where I would not have gone otherwise. It makes me seek out shitholes, dives, hipster joints, and pretentious Meatpacking District establishments that find carrying PBR hip. Recently, I have been exploring ideas of mortality and thinking how certain things have to end at one point in time. Hence, as I am celebrating 6 months, there are only 6 more months left to explore and experience the monogamy of this relationship.

3. That first sip after a long work week tastes more refreshing than quell water.

4. Just as I expected talking about PBR usually is a solid conversation starter.

5. I would estimate that I save about $20 per week by not drinking out at watering holes that don’t serve Pabst. That is $80 per months that goes to a sub-par 1.25% 6-month Certificate of Deposit!

6. I lost count of how many time I have had the following conversation:

“Do you have PBR?”


“……Dammmn it!”

“What’s that?”

“Water is fine, actually.”


“Do you have PBR?”

“What’s PBR?”

“Pabst Blue Ribbon!”

“Yeeeeeah. That doesn’t sound like any beer that is served in this establishment.”

“Well, I didn’t think so. Could I actually just have water then?”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah. Tap water is fine.”

“Ok, dude. That’s little wierd, but cool I guess.”

“Thanks. You are very kind!”


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