Dented 12

Last week, I have officially took upon the second consecutive busy season at work. This means 14 hour days and sometimes working Saturdays and Sundays is officially a part of my life for the next several months. What comes to mind almost immediately is an interview with Seth MacFarlane, the creator of the Family Guy, I once read. Mr. MacFarlane said something along the lines of dedicating his 20s to the show and now reaping the benefits of his success in his 30s. It didn’t take long to put things into perspective with busy season coming up and my 20s slowly slipping away.

Nevertheless, to celebrate the beginning of slave labor and to wave my personal life ‘good-bye’ for the next several months, I made my way back to no other by the Key Foods for a spanking new 12-pack of Pabst. Once I came home and opened the box, I found that every single of 12 cans in the box has had some kind of dent in it.

Roughed Up Can of Pabst

At first, I was questioned what kind of shop Pabst was running – discriminating between smooth and dented cans in their assortments of 12 beers. But after some reflection, I changed my mind…

I was lucky to find the pack, because drinking Pabst from a banged up can is exactly with the working-class/nonconformist spirit of this legendary beverage. I decided:

– I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Most importantly, I took this jagged 12-pack of Pabst as a precursor of challenges to come. 14 hours  days and PBR at 11.30pm while watching reruns of Seinfeld to cap the night off, here I come!


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