Mustache Sponsorship

“A Touch of Class” has reached a new milestone.  The blog has yet again transcended into philanthropy by sponsoring  Michael’s mustache for the New Year’s party.

(see the pic after the jump)

Michael's Mustache

Even though seedy, as far as this blog is concerned, the mustache signifies a hope for a better future. As part of the sponsorship, “A Touch of Class” had provided Michael with unlimited supply of PBR “night cap” for each respective evening Michael honored this household with his presence.

On a side note, as it comes to the New Year’s celebration, PBR was plentiful. Thanks to the organizers (Fix + two Adams, one of whom was kind enough to provide his living quarters for the celebration)  Pabst, along with Old Style, were the feature beers of the night. Naturally, as the clock hit midnight and the bottles started popping, I was with sharing moments with a tin can of refreshing Pabst. So here is to four months down and eight more to go!


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