Frigid at “The Beach”

At 10am in a negative 5 degree cold, David and I were enjoying our first ice-cold PBRs of the day.  After much of my personal anticipation, we were finally at the “beach”, also known as the A-Basin’s parking lot famous for BBQing and its vibrant scene. This morning the scene wasn’t so lively due to the frigid morning temperatures. Just to give you an idea of how cold, the beer backwash that sometimes settles right next to the can opening was freezing within one minute’s time.

Pabst makes appearance at the Beach

Snowboarding was not as pleasant as I expected. The weather was so frigid that every time we rode down the mountain, our faces were battered with the arctic air. Dave noted that my nose even turned white for a moment, a clear indication of the lack of blood flowing to the extremities. As excited as I was to put in my first day of the year at the Basin, we decided to call it after five average and frigid runs on the icy front side of the mountain.

When it comes to the beer, it is important to note that Arapahoe Basin has 24 ounce PBR cans on sale for $7.95 in its cafeteria. For some reason the adjacent bar does not serve Pabst at all. Go figure! Nevertheless,  I am happy to see Arapahoe Basin stick to its nonconformist culture by placing Pabst right in front of the checkout counter where one tends gum and tabloid magazines in the most stores.

And when a comes to the goal of enjoying a mouth-watering PBR at A-Basin’s “beach” I mentioned in the October post, all I have to say is ” Check!!!”


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