Another Night, Another Pabst

Sights of the Night

Sights of the Night

As I was sinking the last cup to win the beer pong game, I realized that out the 12 pack of PBRs I brought with me to Tyler’s party, only 3 beers were remaining. I have reached a new low high. I am now the most welcomed guest at any social gathering because I bring my own alcohol. Naturally, I brought my own 12 pack so I could play beer pong. Just for the record, Jordan, one of my fellow accountants, and I went 2-0 on the night. That makes us Indianapolis Colts or New Orleans Saints of Tyler’s house where we are 6-0.

As far as the 3 remaining PBRs are concerned, I took them out of Tyler’s room where I stored them and put them into my back pack as we were moving on to a bar on the Lower East Side. As soon as we got inside, I saw a welcome sight of a lone empty PBR can someone left on the ledge. At which point I pulled out one of the beers from a backpack. At that moment, I got a flashback from the freshman year at DU, where one of my frat brothers would regularly bring his backpack to house parties in which he would transport Keystone Lights. As I was enjoying the beverage, I concluded that I am perhaps the most unwelcome guest at drinking establishments because I bring my own alcohol.


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