Brandy’s Piano Bar

Brandy's on E. 84th

Brandy's on E. 84th

Just as an addendum the the last week’s post, I would like to mention “Brandy’s Piano Bar” on East 84th street. Even though the bar does not have Pabst and has a two drink minimum for the patrons, the establishment is one of the New York best piano dives carefully tucked away in the neighborhoody area of the town.

First of all, the bar is tiny, probably the size of “The Stadium Inn” (for those who are familiar with the DU bar) or in other terms an average sized 2 bedroom NYC apartment. Hence it feels quite intimate. As soon as I walked into the place, it felt like I was an outsider disrupting a party, but after being there for a few minutes, I wanted to stay.

Second, “Brandy’s” feels like a dingy piano bar that Billy Joel wrote his “Piano Man” about. The crowd is mellow is generally few years older than the typical bar hopping twentysomethings.  In general, it feels like a solid dive where after a few drinks everyone is singing along to Elton John and David Bowie hits.

I don’t rave about too many bars, but I thought “Brandy’s” is worth a visit for someone looking for a unique NY experience.


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