DU Alumni Reception

Source: Business Week

Source: Business Week

First of all, the summer is officially over and so are the days of getting out at 5. I am back on my client in Connecticut which often results in 4 hours of commute a day and 9 hours of work. So one of few things that I look forward to is having a beer at the end of the day.

On the other hand, DU just had a recent alumni reception at Club 101 on Park Ave., a social club that have outlived its glory days. With 80s setup and hotel food, I am surprised anyone pays the hefty $1,000 a year to dine at Club 101. Nevertheless, that’s where the DU recent grad reception took place. It was a pleasant evening to network with fellow alumni living in New York City, plus DU brought some prominent staff, by inviting Peg Bradley-Doppes, the current Athletic Director, who happily made rounds and talked DU sports to the attendees. Apparently, DU is currently trying to join a new division which would ideally bring DU basketball up to a more competitive level.

Of course, DU once again came through with an open bar for the alumni. However, to no surprise Pabst was not served. DU leadership decided to stick with “classier” beverages such as Amstel Light, Heiniken, Budweiser, and some other generic wine and beer brands. Despite not seeing PBR as one of the choices, I decided to ask the bartender whether such beer can be found for a certain price even if it takes going to the main “Club 101” restaurant. Once again, the answer was ‘no’ at what point I decided to have a quick talk with the guy to explain why I was so specific about my beverage. After I was done talking, he gave me a blank stare for several seconds and to diffuse the awkwardness of the situation he said: “Why don’t you just have Stella? It’s free.”


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