Missed Opportunities

Coincidentally,  last Friday night, I have missed out on two opportunities to drink for free. Not only was that a Friday night, but it was also in Greenwich Village area, where bars are known for their lack of specials and a variety of expensive drinks.

The first missed opportunity came right after my soccer game, at which point several of my teammates and I went out for a beer. We went to the same bar as we did this past spring right after winning the championship, where we drank good beer from the trophy. Hoping that PBR will be on tap at the bar I went over to the establishment. Not surprisingly, Pabst was not served and the bartender did not seem to know what Pabst was (to be fair, it was an Everton FC pub and the fella behind the counter sounded British). At which point, I just asked for a cup of water while everyone was enjoying pitchers of Hoegaarden and Stella. The biggest bummer, however,  came when it was time to pay up; one of my teammates put the bill on his corporate card.

The second missed opportunity came right after when I headed over to the Town Tavern to meet up with some of my friends/coworkers. At first, the establishment seemed very promising, primarily because the vast majority of the patrons were Long Island’s best and brightest (see below), that tend to frequent the city bars on the weekends.

Bridges and Tunnels Club Photo

Bridges and Tunnels Club Photo

Of course, I was aloof enough to not recognize that PBR was not their drink of choice.  Hence, cross “Town Tavern” off the list.

Nevertheless, at the same bar,  somehow a friend of a friend knew the bartender who was graciously feeding a group of 5 anything from the shots of Jagermeister to Bud Light bottles free of charge. That is correct, for the second time in the same night I missed out on free booze.

0 for 2 in the same evening. Nonetheless, the night ended up in a favorable manner. While I was waiting for a subway at Union Square, I saw one of the coolest things I have ever seen in NYC. A guy was playing a full-size piano on the Brooklyn bound subway platform. His repertoire for the night included everything and anything from movie soundtracks to Mozart’s Symphony 9.  The performance made the wait for the “Q” train and the night of sobriety a  lot more enjoyable.

Union Square Pianist

Union Square Pianist


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