$7.99 12-Pack at Key Food

As some of you might know, I just recently moved to a neighborhood in Brooklyn so naturally not knowing the area I had to find a “go to” store where I’ll be able to get Pabst for over the next 11.5 months. The search has proven to be not as easy as I anticipated.

First, the grocery cooperative I am a part of in Park Slope does not carry any sub quality brew (the store actually happens to carry the spectacular Dale’s Pale Ale).  Thus the place where I get groceries and work for 2 hours every month had to be crossed off the list. However, one of the advantages of being a member of the co-op is you can request items, so perhaps an inquiry shall be made at a later date.

Since the co-op did not carry the beer, I had to revert to exploring corner stores, which are so common in Brooklyn. The closest store to my brownstone, “Ace Supermarket”, was just right around the corner. The storefront looked promising, with combination of beer posters and stickers all over it. It should be noted that Pabst sticker did occupy a prominent place among this collection of posters.  However, upon further examination, Pabst was nowhere to be found within the store. I did go to the extent of calling the store owner out about the false advertising, but the only response I got was a surprisingly polite gesture showing me the exit.

So after the frustrating experience in the “Ace Supermarket”, I moved on onto “Key Food.” This store actually resembled a supermarket I got so accustomed to living in Denver for 10 years. The store was larger than the average NYC shop and organized in a manner any Safeway would with well lit isles and many familiar brands. After searching through stacks of processed foods, I finally stumbled upon the beer isle. At first, PBR was nowhere to be found, but after a closer look, I finally found a 12-pack stashed away under the several six packs of Dog Fish brews. On the side note, it did seem as the store was embarrassed to show that they carried Pabst. All in all, $7.99 later, I proudly carried my first 12-pack in Park Slope out of the store. Bingo!

Stashed Away

Stashed Away

To summarize:

A GREEN LIGHT on “Key Food”:

Key Food

Key Food


Park Slope Food Coop

Park Slope Food Coop

The Corner Store

The Corner Store


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