The Rockies Game

5:01 – My mother gives me a ride to Kevin’s house

5:09 – We stop by a liquor store on the way so I can pick up a 12 pack of PBR


5:15 – I arrive at Kevin’s apartment

5:27 – Kevin and I drink a couple of Pabsts each, take one in a to-go cup and put several in a plastic grocery bag to sneak into the Coors Field.

5:39 – We catch a downtown bound bus

5:52 – Bus drops us off about a mile away from the Coors Field due to Taste of Colorado festivities. Game is schedule to start at 6:05. We hassle.

6:21 – Kevin and I figure out where and how to sneak the beers into the Coors Field.

Exhibit 1 shows a PBR hid in the pant lower leg area.

Exhibit 2 shows a beer in the crotcheal region of the pant.

Exhibit 1

Exhibit 1

Exhibit 2

Exhibit 2

6:36 – Mission accomplished! Without much hassle both Pabsts (now warm and shaken up) make it through into the Coors Field.

It is official, no PBR is served at the Coors Field, but good thing we got our own.



7:04 – A Touch of Class


Daddy's Girl

(thanks for the picture, Candace)

On the side note, Rockies win against the D’Backs and keep their wildcard race hopes high. Additionally, Ginn Mill serves PBR tall boys, which are quite popular among the patrons.


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