Fantasy Football Draft


Source: ESPN

Ironically and unfortunately for me, Tyler, my buddy from work who held the draft at his place, had a party a Saturday before the draft and as a result he had one full keg of Coors Light left over. On any other occasion, I would have taken a full advantage of the free adult beverage on tap, but this time I had to look for other alternatives.

After playing out several scenarios in my head, including the one where I would run out and get a six pack for myself and then pretend like it was not a big deal, I finally decided that in order to make it interesting, I would have to make up a rule to follow.

As the result, that night, I decided to stick to two rules. First, I would not tell anyone about the Pabst diet and second I would not resort to BS’ing to back up the fact that I was the only one drinking tap water out of a Coors beer cup.

To my disappointment, nothing worthy to write about had happened, but I decided that every now and then I will come up with some outrageous rule to follow when Pabst is not on tap.

As far as the draft is concerned, I ended up picking up AP, Antonio Gates, Steve Slaton, and Wes Welker for my squad in the league with the max payout of $750.


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